Mixing at Edgewater Studio




Mixing Your Music


Mixing is the next step in the process of producing a song.  After recording each of the individual tracks, I will spend an hour or so with you to get your input as to your desired sound and feel of the song.  Once we have that determined, I begin to edit each individual track then blend (mix) the tracks together to produce the finished song.   This is the most time consuming portion of the project.  It is not unusual for me to spend 2 - 4 hours or more per song in this phase, depending on the number of individual tracks and the amount of tweaking each track may require.  





Proofing Your Music


Due to the fact that mixing is an art form in itself, there is a tendency for the mixing engineer to inject his or her personal taste into each  song.  I take every precaution to prevent my personal taste showing through.  If you select the 'Excellence" package I will be sending you proofs along the way.  I ask you to evaluate and critique each proof and respond with suggestions.  I will then apply your suggestions and send out another proof.  We will repeat this process until you are totally satisfied. 


I will ask you to consider how you would like to transfer the songs back and forth during this portion of the process.  The most cost effective and green method of sending the songs back and forth is by e-mail in mp3 format.  In order to do that you will need to have the ability to take the mp3 from your computer and play them on a reasonably good sound system.  This may require you to burn a CD and use that CD to play on your sound system.  Please don’t use the inexpensive speakers of a typical computer, nor even a good set of headphones.  You MUST listen on a reasonably good sound system to hear the sound and feel of your song.