Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule



Fee Schedule


Amateur Package - Free!


Edgewater Studio was founded on the principal of providing a means for the amateur Christian musician to get their music out to the public in the most economical way possible.  While the Studio has grown a bit since then, our original goal remains the same.  We still provide our ministry of recording, mixing, and mastering services absolutely free to qualifying musicians.  To qualify, the music you would like to record must be sacred or sacred-contemporary music, recorded by Christian musicians with a targeted production of 20 CDs or less.  Contact us to see if you qualify.  We look forward to ministering with you!



Basic Package - $40


These packages are sold in 4 hour blocks of recording studio time and include 4 hours of mixing and mastering time.  While this package offers the greatest value for the money, it is also typically results in slightly lower quality.  There is only so much we can do with 4 hours of mixing and mastering.  Instead of tweaking your music specifically for you, we will use templates we have created for various parts of the song, such as vocals, instruments, etc.  While we don't recommend this package for the serious musician, this package is usually perfect for musicians wanting to record for family and friends, those wanting to record only one or two songs, those who are recording background or accompaniment music, or those who would like to record as a training tool to help them improve their level of performance.



Excellence Package - $80


These packages are sold in 4 hour blocks of recording studio time and include up to 12 hours of mixing and mastering time.  The additional 12 hours of mixing and mastering allows us the time we need to provide you with the highest quality finished product.  As we complete each song, we will send you an mp3 version of the song for you to critique.  When we receive your critique, we will apply your suggested changes, then send it to you for your approval.  We will repeat this process with each song until you are completely satisfied.  As you can imagine, this process could take a lot of time to complete, however, it guarantees the best possible results!  




Additional Pricing



Additional CDs - $5 each


The packages above include one Audio CD which you would normally send to a duplication company to order duplication, jewel cases, jewel case booklets, shrink wrapping, bar coding, etc.  If you need 10 CDs or less and don't need shrink wrapping and bar coding, I would be glad to make up to 10 copies for you at $5 each.  If you need any more than that, you would probably do better finding a duplication company with a smaller minimum purchase.



Studio Musicians - $20 / $30 per hour and up


Studio musicians vary greatly on pricing depending on time, complexity of the music, etc.  Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.  A more accurate quote would then be provided.