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The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of the sound quality of the MIDI instruments we have available at Edgewater Studio.  Since many people don't fully understand what MIDI is , they understandably have doubt  about the musical quality.


As you listen to these samples please keep in mind the fact that you are listening to them at their worst  possible quality level.  They are in MP3 format, streamed over the Internet, and played on a  PC.  The actual quality is much greater than you will hear.  If you would prefer, please contact me and I will send you the actual CD quality demos.


I will be adding more here as I have time....







Our Yamaha digital studio piano

This piano is the centerpiece of many of the sacred and contemporary songs we record here at Edgewater Studio.  When combined with our high-end sequencer/sampler, we are able to achieve a sound which rivals the best around.  While this piano is able to duplicate many styles of piano, organ, concert pipe organ, harpsichord, etc., the Steinway concert grand is usually the favorite. 


Listen closely to the quality in the following selection.  I chose this song to show the bright highs and the deep lows.  Notice how crisp and clean each note sounds.  Please remember, the tone, reverb, etc is easily changed according to your taste, this sample is provided only to show the quality of the instrument:


Heaven's Choir






A few of our orchestration instruments

In this selection the musician was recording backing instruments for a song she was going to sing to her mother for her birthday.  She was traveling to her mother's church which didn't have local talent available to play for her while she sang.  She created this entire song in less than an hour even though she had never done anything like this before.


Included is the Steinway concert grand piano, full string orchestra, flute and cello.  Remember, this is not a complete song, she is using it for a backing track as she sang it to her mother in her mother's church.  Absolutely beautiful!



Found Faithful






Take This Challenge

The company I use for the orchestral midi instruments recently offered the following challenge to show the quality of their midi instruments.  The orchestral piece below was played before a live audience by a well known orchestra.  It contains at least one midi instrument along with the others.  See if you can guess which one it is....


Listen to the entire piece, (it takes about 10 sec to begin) then go to the contacts page and tell me which instrument is the midi instrument!  Good luck...



Knights and Magic